Our Services


Design, supply and construction of water infrastructure projects for private and state irrigation water distribution companies, local councils and agricultural companies that irrigate on a large scale.
Regulating Infrastructure

Boots Civil works with irrigation schemes and large scale irrigators to install water infrastructure such as regulators, outlets and culverts.

Water Meters

Supply and Installation of Nun-Urban water meters. We employ several DQPs/CMIs that are certified to install and validate meters as well as work with customers to connect to existing infrastructure. 


Design and Installation of Concrete and HDPE pipelines. Experienced and qualified welders and equipment that can weld HDPE pipes up to 1200mm. 


Boots Civil is a trusted partner to developers and landowners in delivering civil works for sub-divisions and supporting services such as surveying. 
Sub-Divisions: Residential & Industrial

Full Building Demolition

Road & Rail

Boots Civil has a long history of adding value to the community by working with RMS and local councils to maintain, upgrade and construct road and rail infrastructure.
Urban Works
Storm & Sewer Works

New or Modification to existing Stormwater and Sewer Infrstructure. 

Rail Work

Subcontract to Rail Authority. 

Traffic Management

Traffic Management and control on Local Roads.  

Boots Civil provides sand and gravel products from landscaping supplies for the garden to large quantities for development and construction projects.

Bulk Haulage 

Landscaping Supplies

Supply and Deliver Various Landscape Items 

Sand, Clay, Road Base & Rock Supply

Supply and Deliver Various Landscape Items 

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Plant & Labour Hire

Boots Civil supports the community with the wet hire of plant and labour for small and large projects.  
Wet Hire of Plant

Plant Hire


General Labour

Vacuum Excavation

Vac Truck

Water Delivery

Potable Water and General Water Supply